Thursday 8 December 2011

Let me introduce myself...

Multi Coloured Feather Headband

Hi there... Im Claire, the creator of **Beau Flutterby**, an online shop where you can purchase hand crafted Bridal and Fashion Hair accessories. I have also recently started making jewellery, so stay tuned for some new creations!!

Beau Flutterby came about because I was not only bored with run-of-the mill hair accessories, but also disheartened with the extortionate prices charged on the high street. One day it came to me that, with my background in Fashion Design, I could create a more affordable and exclusive range of accessories... And so my business began.

Flower Garland Alice Band

I started by listing just a few simple accessoriess on eBay, with my fingers crossed so tighly in the hope that my items would sell!! I remember having just 7 items listed, and my first sale was of an electric blue organza flower brooch. I was so pleased!! Nowadays I have a much wider range, I have a shop on eBay, and my sales are rapidly increasing!!

At the moment I sell mainly on eBay, with the odd craft fair thrown in for good measure, but I am also in the process of creating my own website - hopefully it will be up and running soon!!

So thats me... Beau Flutterby... please come and visit my eBay shop sometime!! :-)

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