Wednesday 11 April 2012

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish Review - Vivid Violet 40

As I am sure many of you know, Boots were running their £5.00 No7 voucher scheme recently and, out of the many No7 products that I purchased with the vouchers that I had, their Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Vivid Violet 40 was one that I most wanted to try.

In the bottle it is the most gorgeous deep purple colour, with a subtle shimmer to it, and it immediately caught my eye on the shelf. It promises Pigment Rich Colour, Quick Drying and Ultra Gloss Finish.

However, I am sorry to say that I was quite disappointed in the product. Although it would be easy to assume that this is a very pigmented nail colour, it is infact quite sheer, and it took me four coats before I had managed to build up to the colour in the bottle on my fingernails.

Left to Right: One Coat, Two Coats, Three Coats, Four Coats (and a little bit of smudging - oops!)

Normally, I am quite rushed when doing my nails, so it is important to me that a nail colour needs a maximum of two coats to gain ultimate coverage and pigmentation, and this is the main reason that this particular polish did not fare well for me. It also chips easily - never a good thing when you have housework to do and a little one to look after :-(

I also attempted to paint my toenails with the product, and it was just streaky and horrible. It really didn't cope well in covering a larger nail surface area at all, despite the wider brush.

On the plus side, it dries with a lovely glossy finish, and four coats of polish does create a lovely jewel purple colour.

I am glad that I didn't purchase this at full price though, as I would have been really unhappy to have spent £7.00 on such a disappointing product. I also feel that I could have put my £5.00 voucher to better use.

Have you tried any of the No7 nail colours? Did you have better experiences?



  1. I hate sheer polish. The more coats required for good pigmentation usually means longer drying time. That usually leads to impatience and messing up the nails, haha. Also I find the more coats you add, the more likely it is to chip. I don't buy a lot of polish, so it's easy for me to splurge on butter london. Which to me is worth it!

  2. Yes I agree, more often than not sheer polish is a waste of time (and money!!). I have been lusting after the Butter London Yummy Mummy & Disco Biscuit for the longest time - they are definately next on my purchase list :-) x x