Saturday 31 March 2012

Neal's Yard Rehydrating Rose Moisturiser Review

A few weeks ago, I spent a good hour or two browsing, sniffing and testing out most of the items in the John Lewis beauty department. Amongst the many products that I  had on my wish list as a result, the Neal's Yard Orange Flower Toner and Rose & Mallow moisturiser were two of my most wanted. As I have never used any products by this brand before, it was great to receive a free 45ml tube of the Neal's Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture for face with the April issue of Marie Claire magazine. This sample is worth £12.00, so for the cost of a £3.70 magazine, it is quite the bargain.

Neal's Yard as a brand promote natural, organic beauty products that are free from animal testing. All of their products are scented using ingredients derived from plants, and don't contain any mineral oils (that block pores), silicone's (that create a silky film on the skin, also helping to block pores) or synthetic fragrances (which may trigger allergic responses). So far so good...

The Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture is said to nurture and replenish Normal Skin, however my skin is Dry/Sensitive so maybe this was the reason why I just couldn't get on with this product.

I maybe old before my time, but I really love the scent of rose. However, the rose fragrance in this product is not the one that I know and love. My husband says that I have a nose for aromas like a bloodhound, and once dried on my face, this product had the distinct whiff of halitosis - I kid you not! Maybe this is caused by another of the natural ingredients contained in the product (i.e. Calendula, Star flower), or maybe its the fact that it just doesn't agree with the natural scent of my skin, but whatever the reason I just didn't like it.

Also, personally I wouldn't say that this is a great moisturiser. Its consistency is a little thicker than a lotion, which was easy to apply, but it left my skin feeling quite tight and also tacky to the touch. I understand that this is meant to be a good thing because it doesn't contain any synthetic ingredients that would make skin feel silky soft, but this factor in combination with the faint stink of halitosis made me so glad that I hadn't purchased the product at its full price. I also had red blotches on my face after applying this product, and these took around an hour to subside.

Blotchy face - please excuse my dry lips!!

So, sorry Neal's Yards, but unfortunately this is one of your products that just isn't for me :-(

Did you buy the April issue of Marie Claire? What are your thoughts on this product?

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  1. I bought the Marie Claire magazine today and have just tried out the moisturiser.
    It has done the exact same thing! My face has gone blotchy, around my cheeks mainly (maybe because I applied more around my cheeks I don't know).
    It doesn't burn or anything and you wouldn't know it was there until you look in the mirror!
    Still waiting for it to go down

  2. Finally! Someone agrees with me about the smell! I hate the smell when it dries, it's so yucky. I thought I was the only one because from the reviews I've read they all love the 'rose' scent, makes me thinking is the product I bought expired? (it's not). I just don't like the smell, & gonna find another moisturiser..