Wednesday 9 May 2012

MAC Haul & Important Information!!

There are quite a few MAC eye shadows that I have been wanting for a little while now, but I couldn't decide on whether to buy the individual pots or to invest in a pro palette and then just have to purchase the refill colours (which is also more cost effective option). After much thought, I decided to go for the palette. I think that this is a much better option for me, especially when travelling, as the palette is quite slimline and holds up to 15 colours, which is more than ample.

I have only three colours in my palette so far, those being Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe and Hush. as I have said before, I tend to lean towards more neutral colours as I have quite deep-set eyes and more vibrant colours just don't tend to suit me.

The colours are lovely - I have swatched them on my hand so that you can see for yourself - and I was so excited to receive them in the post this morning.

Right to Left: Hush, Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe

However... My excitement soon turned to guilt and also disappointment when I discovered this blog post that has been floating around in cyber space since March 15th 2012. Logical Harmony is described as being an 'animal friendly' beauty blog, and is written by a young lady called Tashina who focuses her posts on vegan and cruelty-free beauty.  I don't believe in animal testing, and I blindly thought that nowadays the vast majority of companies, especially the main cosmetic brands, would steer well clear of this as it is such a huge no-no.

Animal testing is an issue that I am now going to do alot more research on before buying any beauty products in the future. It was such a shame to find out that MAC could be participating in animal testing, and the thought of filling my eye palette with a further 12 colours is something that I am now really reconsidering.

Please let me know your thoughts :-)


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