Friday 31 August 2012

L'Occitane Freebies


As you maybe aware, I have lost faith in beauty boxes. Glossybox is the main culprit for this, because although the theory behind the beauty box is amazing, I will never understand how a company can charge the consumer for samples which can be obtained for free?! The mind boggles!!

Anyway, this thought leads me nicely onto a little idea that my sister had recently. She was on the quest for freebies/samples and simply decided to email companies requesting samples of their products. Many politely declined, but one in particular were very generous, and so I also decided to send a little email to L'Occitane via their website requesting some free samples. I politely asked if they would be able to post some samples out to me as I was very interested in purchasing some of their products in the future as gifts for Christmas etc. I had a very friendly reply, stating that they would be happy to send out some samples to me. Simples!!

Within a week or so, a little L'Occitane labelled letter arrived, and I was thrilled to find a good handful (17 to be precise) of samples contained within. These included a selection of shampoo, conditioner, hand balm, face cream, anti-ageing cream and body milk. They are all quite generous samples, every one of which I am excited to try, especially as L'Occitane is a luxury brand and many of their products are award winning.

So, this little exercise just goes to prove that you really can get some lovely samples for FREE. I didn't even have to pay postage!! And on a further note, customer service also means alot. I was so impressed with the communication and efficiency of the L'Occitane email service that I have already purchased two full size products (to be included in a haul post coming soon.....)

Have you bagged yourself some great freebies lately? Please let me know what you think :-)



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  1. This was so kind of them! I've never understood why some companies get so funny about giving out samples ... if you're going to spend your hard earned money on an expensive high end product you're going to at least want to try it first! x