Tuesday 4 September 2012

Origins Product Reviews

A little while back I made my first ever set of purchases from Origins. I had perused many of their products during several trips to my local John Lewis Department Store, where my sister and I love to spend a long browsing/testing session on a Friday evening - we find this is the quietest time of the week, where there are shoppers more in the way of stragglers than crowds, and pestering shop assistants are nowhere to be seen. Bliss!

Back at the end of June, I did a blog post on which products I purchased during this little online splurge, and this is going to be a little review of my thoughts on these items...

'Brightening Musts' - this gift set contains 3 products, which is a much more cost effective was of purchasing the Vitazing Moisturiser (my most wanted Origins product) as the whole set costs £26 - a pound cheaper than purchasing the Vitazing Moisturiser alone. I spent a little while pondering as to whether this 'kit' was right for me as it is meant for those with younger skin, but thought I would give it a go anyway. It is still available on the Origins website under the 'Gifts' sale tab.

Vitazing Moisturiser ~ This is the big purchase, and the item I had been lusting over for the longest time. It is a tinted moisturiser that contains mangosteen, an ingredient rich in antioxidants to give the skin a refreshing 'zing'. It is also a 'one-shade-suits-all' kind of product, and the colour of the product develops on application to blend with your skin colour. On first use, my husband commented that I looked like I had been "airbrushed" - this can only be a good thing... Right?! My skin was flawless and super healthy looking. As a moisturiser, I think that this product is perfect for summer, but personally I am going to need something a bit more moisturising during the harsh winter months, when my skin tends to get quite dry and irritated. After prolonged use as a light-coverage substitute for foundation, I have found that Vitazing is a little greasy, and even on my dry/normal skin it brought me out in spots during the first two weeks or so of use. I'm 30, I don't really get spots now, but thankfully this has calmed down and I assume the breakout happened during that initial period because my skin was just getting used to a different product. This little mishap aside, I would highly recommend Vitazing to anyone looking for a natural glow with light coverage.

GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream - This is a 5ml sample pot (the full 15ml size retails at £21), which claims to brighten dark circles and depuff. I used this after cleansing each morning, and though I don't suffer with puffy eyes (so cant comment on how this cream helps to depuff) I do have dark circles, especially after nights with lack of sleep, and this eye cream definitely helped to reduce them. However, it is not very moisturising, and as someone who suffers with dry skin during the winter months, this cream is not going to be enough on its own as a moisturiser for me. Unfortunately, I dont think I would re-purchase this product based simply on its cost-effectiveness.   

Modern Friction (Natures Gentle Dermabrasion) ~ Back in 2008, this product won 'Best Facial Scrub' in the Daily Mail Beauty Awards. I only have this product in my possession because it came as part of the Brightening Musts set, and all I can say is Wowzers!! I was really surprised to find a face scrub that is so rich and creamy as well as containing a good amount of scrub particles - I find that normally scrubs are either very creamy with minimal scrub, or too much scrub and not enough cream. This is the perfect mix. It feels so luxurious on the skin, and when rinsed off my skin felt soft, smooth, and properly exfoliated. I am quite a harsh critic, I do not easily describe a product as 'Amazing' or 'Fantastic', so please believe me when I say that this product really is Amazing!! You cannot truly believe how good this product is until you try it out for yourself . However, the downside is that this is a little pricey at £31 for 125 mls, but it is advised to be used 2-3 times a week, and a little goes a long way. So, like me,  maybe you can purchase the 30ml tube as part of the Brightening musts set? Or put it on your Christmas wish list?

Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment ~ This is a 15ml sample that came free with purchases of over £40. I have said before that, as part of my job, I wash my hands over and over each day. This causes me to have dry, chapped hands that are sometimes also very sore, and so a good hand cream is essential. This particular hand cream is easily one of my favourites. It smells lovely, is just the right consistency, absorbs well without being greasy and does its job well. I love! love! love! this product, and although the full 75ml size is £18 I can definitely see myself purchasing this product again in the future.

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask ~ This product smells faintly of oranges, and is meant to be used twice a week (or as desired) at bedtime by massaging onto clean skin and using a tissue to remove the excess. It has a very silky feel to it, but the effects reflect this as my skin in the morning is soft and silky-smooth. It absorbs quickly and is very moisturising. I had the sample free with purchase, but a full size 100ml tube is £20. I feel a bit in limbo as to whether I would purchase the full size product as although it does its job well, I wasn't particularly 'Wowed' by it.

A Perfect World - This was another sample free with purchase. It is an Antioxidant moisturiser that contains White Tea, which is known for its anti-ageing properties. Despite the slightly iffy scent, I am loving this moisturiser! It has a very silky feel to it, that leaves a silky film on the skin for hours after application. I found it deeply moisturising, despite a small breakout of spots after the first few uses. I liken it to the Clarins Hydraquench Moisturiser, which is my favourite moisturiser ever. Would I pay £33.00 for the full 50ml pot? Probably :-)

Gloomaway Body Wash/Bubble Bath - I intended to purchase the Ginger Burst body wash, which is highly popular, and consequently out of stock online. Instead, I opted for the Gloomaway Grapefruit combined Body Wash & Bubble Bath. This product is fantastic! Although it is a bit pricey at £18 for 250ml, a small amount on a shower pouff gives a copious lather, which lasts for an all-over body wash. It smells lovely, and left my skin feeling super soft and moisturised. Although I do feel that £18 is excessive for a shower gel, I wouldn't think twice about purchasing this product again.

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