Sunday 26 August 2012

Neglecting the blog :-(

Hey peeps,

I cannot believe almost two months have passed since I last wrote on my blog. So much has been going on for me recently that I just didn't have the time to cram everything in, and as a result my poor little blog has become neglected :-(

So, let me update you on what I have been up to for the past two months....

Back in July I returned to work after more than a year off on my maternity leave. This was always going to be a shock to the system, but has been made that much more difficult for me because we moved house during my maternity leave, creating a distance of over 100 miles between me and my job. I now find myself travelling to work each week and having to leave behind my beautiful baby girl. Difficult is not the word - heartbreaking is a more accurate description!

I now find myself living in rented accommodation for a short part of my week, which not only absorbs the best part of my salary, but I find myself in what can only be described as grotty student digs - I am thirty years old with a house of my own, I am waaayyy past this stage of my life!! It is a short term thing, the main reason being that if I did not return to work for the minimum 3 month period following maternity leave, I would have had to repay almost £8,000 of my maternity pay. And trust me, if I had £8,000 I would be jetting off on a dream holiday to Australia - not paying it back to my employers!!

Two weekends ago, whilst driving the long journey to work and singing my heart out to the radio, my little Corsa decided to die on me. It just cut out whilst I was doing 70 mph along the M4 about 10pm at night. As I sadly coasted onto the hard shoulder, I looked up to the sky and wondered what else God is going to throw at me?! All I could do was laugh - if I didn't, I would surely cry :'-( To cut a long (and quite amusing) story short, I was picked up by a machete wielding madman and his recovery truck, and towed all the way back home. The cost to fix my little car? Around £1000. Great.

On top of this, I have been applying left, right and centre for new jobs that are closer to home. The first interview was disastrous!! The second? Not much better. The third - I thought I had it in the bag - sadly not :-( But yey!! Fourth time lucky!!!!

I am now working my 8 weeks notice, and am looking forward to the changes that lie ahead. My new job is challenging at its best, and I am both apprehensive and excited about the opportunity that I have been given. I am sooo glad that I am almost at the end of the horrific 100 mile journey to work and the days on end without seeing my little boo-boos. Those 8 weeks cant go by fast enough!!

As you may also know, I run a little business making and selling hair accessories & jewellery. During the summer months I am always overrun with orders, and this year has been no exception!! I have been desperately trying to keep up with my orders, whilst juggling my now one-year-old girl, and working away in my day-job. I sometimes wonder how I have managed it, but I suppose you just have to get on with it really.

So that's it for my update on life. I hope my little blog will forgive me for neglecting her the way that I have, but fingers crossed from now on I will be able to get things back on track.

And if you're sat there wondering why I have the time to write an entry today, I will just let you all know that I jumped in the shower this morning, got soaked, and then the water shut off. It. Just. Stopped. Running. Hmm.... I tried all sorts to get it going again, but failed miserably. I telephoned switch board from my student digs, and they said that the water board have been informed and that they are working to resolve the problem. So, I am sat here with a towel wrapped around me, freezing cold with visible chicken skin, waiting for the taps to start running again. Life hey?!

I really hope your all enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend, and having a much better Sunday than I am so far!!


x X x

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