Thursday 8 November 2012

Lush Stepping Stone Foot Scrub Review

A little while back, I purchased the Stepping Stone Foot Scrub from Lush. I work long, hard 12 hour shifts where I am constantly on my feet. This really takes its toll, and not only do my feet feel tired and achy, they also tend to dry out - and more so during the winter months.

Looking a little worse for wear :-(

The Stepping Stone Foot Scrub smells amazingly citrus-fresh, and contains pumice which promises to scrub and smooth away dead skin, whilst the jojoba oil moisturises to leave feet feeling soft. Sounds like just the ticket!

I purchased this product on a whim, and having returned home I read through some online reviews, most of which claimed that this is a product that dissolves very easily in water, allowing for no more than one use. For a cost of £2.95 this seemed a little excessive. I followed the recommendation of one reviewer, and crushed up the whole product into an empty pot using the back of a spoon. Bingo! A product that is now fit for multiple uses!

I wouldn't recommend using this product in the shower, as the slightest contact with water and it fizzles away super-quick. I used mine whilst in the bath, soaked my feet for a while, and made this the last product that I used in my routine as the pumice makes for a very uncomfortable feel under the bum when it settles on the bottom of the bath. I towel dried my hands before scooping a small amount out of the pot, and repeated each time to allow as less water contact with the product as possible. I would guess that I can now get around 8-10 uses out of this one product, making it far more value for money.

The Foot Scrub itself is amazing. It is a fine scrub that exfoliates easily and really does leave skin feeling super-soft. Followed by a little moisturiser, my feet now feel pampered to the max. As a side-effect, the palms of my hands are now also feeling rather soft and exfoliated too!! Dual-purpose maybe? I really wouldn't hesitate in repurchasing this product!!

Do you have any handy hints for making your products last a little longer?



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