Sunday 18 November 2012

Philosphy 'Have A Cherry Christmas' Product Review

Philosophy is a brand "devoted to caring for your skin" and is developed using medical research for proven results. Sound good? I think so too!!

I have been wanting to try the philosophy shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath combos for such a long time. However, I have such a vast stash of shower products to use up that I have always managed to resist making a purchase... Until now...

Have A Cherry Christmas is a limited edition product for the festive season, and just how amazing does it look? I have to admit, I had decided to purchase this particular version as soon as I spotted it prettily glistening away on the shelf - before I even took a sniff! I am a sucker for anything pink, sparkly and girly, and was immediately in awe. This has a White Cherry scent, which is a very delicate fragrance - definately not the usual sweet cherry scent by a long stretch.

As a shampoo, this product is surprisingly quite good. It lathers like a dream, and cleanses well too. I did feel like I had to tug the comb through my wet hair to de-tangle, but once dried my hair was soft and shiny. I'm not sure that I would use this as my every-wash shampoo of choice, as I have quite long hair that I like to use more conditioning products on, but this definately works well as part of the multi-purpose product, and would be good to use for travel.

As a shower gel it also lathered well with the use of a shower pouff, and the glittery-ness on my skin was superb! I was a little disappointed that I did not stay looking like a glitter ball - as this obviously washes away - and (more seriously) that the scent did not really stay evident on my skin. It is a 'barely-there' scent. On a more positive note my skin was super-duper soft, and I didn't feel the absolute need to follow with a moisturiser.

And finally, as a bubble bath... This was the final way that I tested this product, and is probably my most favourite way to use it. It doesn't provide a copious amount of bubbles, which is to my liking, and I loved the way that I could soak in and wash with the same scented product without having to make two separate purchases. My skin was uber soft and lightly scented. Amazeballs!!

I really cant wait to try out more products from Philosophy - I just need to make an emergency dash to the shops to pick up a Candy Cane and Pumpkin Pie before they sell out!!

This product retails at £14.00 for 460mls, and comes boxed to make for an ideal gift or stocking filler. It appears to be unavailable on the philosophy website, but is still in stock on  the Boots website.

What Philosophy products would you recommend?



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