Friday 14 September 2012

Dr Martens... to buy or not to buy?!

Recently, I have been scouting around for a new pair of winter boots, and strangely enough the brand that has continuously caught my eye is the very retro Dr Martens. These were very popular when I was in Junior School (back in the day!) and, in recent years, I have mostly associated this type of boot with the grungy emo types amongst us. However, I am quickly becoming more and more fond of them. From what I remember, they are really durable and also very classic in style. Having had a look on their website I am spoilt for choice, and these are just a few of the pairs that I have my eye on at the moment:

Felice Boot - Side view - £100

Felice Boot - Front View
Gayle Boot - Side View - £100
Gayle Boot - Front View

Haley Boot - Side View - £140
Haley Boot - Front View

At a starting cost of around the £100 mark, they are not cheap by any means, but I am guessing that they will last a few seasons, and I just really do love them!!

What are your thoughts? Would you recommend a particular pair of Dr Martens?




  1. Hi, i am Jacomijn from the Netherlands and i was googling for images of the boots I ordered and came across your post (the Gayle's are the ones i ordered). If you like i can give you some response when they have arrived (i really hope that it will be this week!!).
    I already have two pairs of Dr Martens. One pair "Originals" and one pair called "Elena". The originals are great, but I had the other ones altered because i had difficulties getting the zipper closes around my calfs. Now they have become ankle boots. If you are blessed with slender calfs, you will have no problem!!Good luck with choosing some dr Martens!!

  2. Hi jacomijn, thank you so much for reading my post! I am lucky that I have slender calves, but sometimes boots tend to look silly on me for that same reason! Maybe Dr Martens will suit me well :-) Please do let me know what the Gayle boots are like and what your thoughts are, I am keen to make a purchase soon!! :-) Claire