Tuesday 5 June 2012

Ecopouf Cleansing Pad Review

Yes, you have read the title right - I am about to write a review about a shower puff!!! You may scoff, but this is not just any old shower puff, this is an amazing, super-duper, multi-purpose puff that I am simply amazed by.

Recently, I have had a break-out of back-ne. This maybe TMI for most of you, and trust me its not something I wish to shout about, but it is unfortunately a fact of my life at the moment as a result of swapping to a shower gel that my skin really didn't agree with :-(. I rarely get spots on my face, and even more rarely do I get spots on my back - Actually, before this past month I NEVER got spots on my back!

As a result of this break-out, and because all other attempts to rid my back of these unwanted little red lumps had failed miserably, I went on the hunt for a loofah as a last-ditched attempt. I came across this little beauty in Boots, and it caught my eye immediately as I have never seen anything like it before.

It is a new product by Ecotools, a company with a passion for beauty and the environment, priding themselves on getting gorgeous, going green, and giving back!

On one side the EcoPouf is a run-of-the-mill shower puff - which is made of 100% recycled plastic - and on the other side it is a natural loofah. Great for body cleansing! It also has a nifty little reversible elasticated hand strap for ease of use.

On first use I found that the loofah was too rough for my somewhat sensitive skin, but since then the loofah has softened and is now great for exfoliating. I should point out that I have to use a little more shower product (about 1/2 the amount more) than when just using a normal puff, but the effects of the EcoPouf more than make up for this and my back is now spot-free. No more back-ne = BIG THUMBS UP!!

This item retails at £4.99 in Boots. Money well spent I say!!

Have you tried any of the Ecotools bath products? What did you think?

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