Sunday 24 June 2012

Upcycling - When Old Becomes New

Hey Peeps,

Yesterday I spent the morning mooching around the local charity shops, and the afternoon crafting. This may seem like the least exciting way to spend your Saturday, but lately I have been wanting to jump on the Upcycling bandwagon.

My sister picked out a really retro 1970s (approx) duvet cover, which had a few variations in pattern, and because it had no matching pillow cases it was an absolute steal for a quid!!!

Once we got home (after a sneaky Chinese buffet lunch) we got to work unpicking at the seams of this amazing piece of fabric (which totalled around 4+ metres worth). There was no need to launder the fabric, as it had already been freshly laundered before it was put out for sale. We also discovered that the bed cover was originally from St Michael (or M&S as we more commonly know it). I am guessing this particular bed cover is from the 1970s - so an amazing amount of genuine vintage fabric in great condition for a minimal price.

Once we had unpicked all of the seams, we got to work cutting out various patterns, ironing, sewing etc. etc.

And these are just a few of the creations that we have made so far (we still have PLENTY of fabric left!!) - and they are all currently up for grabs in my Etsy Shop :-)

I hope you all enjoyed this little insight into my upcycling escapade and hopefully I will be able to put up some tutorials for you all very soon :-)

All comments gratefully received!!


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  1. Oh wow, this all looks amazing!

    Lola ..x

    1. Aww, Thanks Lola!! It was all very time consuming!! Claire x